關於彬甫About us

彬甫企業成立於民國九十年,多年來一直秉持著「服務至上」、「品質第一」的精神,為客戶提供最完善的服務以及最優良的品質,並建立全製程作業型態包括SMT、DIP、手焊、測試、組裝、包裝以及簡易維修…等,透過標準作業流程的訂定,提升製造效益與時效性,同時滿足客戶的需求,未來我們將持續拓展服務層面與技術支援,為客戶提供更優良的服務品質。 PINFER was established in 2001. PINFER has always believed in Quality First and Customer First, and we provide with the electronics manufacturing service including SMT, DIP, Test, Assembly, and Packing etc.. For the future, we will improve the service quality and technical support to satisfy the customer’s needs.


  • 監控相關產品Security Monitoring Products
  • 網路相關產品Networking Products
  • 工控相關產品Industrial Controlling Products
  • 光電相關產品OPTO Electronic Products
  • 電腦相關產品Computer Products
  • 其他客製化電子產品Others Electronics